The companys financial capabilities

First: The company owns a fleet of land equipment:
1 - Landa cranes with different loads up to 100 tons
2- Cranes for lifting containers to work on sidewalks and yards
3 - Fork cranes with different loads up to 16 tons
4 – Trailers and cars up to 20 tons
5 – Tractors and trailers up to 8 tons
6 - Modern grain hoods for unloading grains from the holds of ships and warehouses
Up to 250 tons/hour capacity
Second: The company also owns a fleet of marine equipment to carry out the operations of loading and unloading containers on the hook in the Suez ship: -
1 – Locomotives
2 – Ships (marine galleries) up to 250 tons
Third: The company owns warehouses to store raw and packaged grains up to a capacity of 10000 tons
It can also contract with other warehouses in Adabiya Port for temporary storage for customers.