Aspects of care provided to company employees

They are as follows:
• Providing in-kind benefits and occupational safety and health supplies to the company’s employees, which are (labor suits, safety boots, helmets, overalls, 00,000, etc.)
• Enhancing the solidarity fund for the company’s employees by 3% of the value of basic wages per month for workers participating in the fund
• The existence of a committee formed for sports activity in the company, which may hold various competitions in all aspects of sports and cultural activity and conduct recreational trips for employees.
• Providing medical care to all company employees (permanent - temporary) in accordance with the provisions of the company’s administrative regulations
Medical treatment includes:
1. Medical services performed by general practitioners and specialists
2. Treatment and hospitalization
3. Surgical operations and other types of treatment
4. X-ray imaging and necessary medical and laboratory research
5. Dispensing the necessary medications
6. Making hernia belts and medical belts
7. Contributing to the installation of prosthetic limbs, prosthetic devices, dental restoration, and the manufacture of medical glasses